Monday, 12 March 2012

Stiletto Nails...

From the moment i saw lady gaga and Rihanna with there stiletto nails i have always wanted to know how they have done it or do it myself, so after a lot of research on how to do it, i went ahead and hand a go myself, i decided just do it as an accent nails like Misha B from x factor last year.

 After seeing how it looked i loved it and went crazy, and did all my nails but just on one hand just incase i couldn't function in university the next day. i found it surprisingly easy but my friends said they look cool but scary as hell!!
PLease Ignore the dryness of my hands i needed to put some cuticle oil on before i had taken the picture, they also look really red for some reason but i assure you it didn't hurt and it wasn't that red in person!

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