Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY Nail Varnish Stand...

Yesterday, elf (eyeslipsface) posted a video on Facebook by Dulce candy from youtube, it was a DIY nails varnish rack, and because the way i have been storing my polish, i could not see the colours and i was running out of room i decided i wanted to make one too, i only did half the size of the actual one in the video. Here is my Attempt:

It does not seem like i have a lot of polish but i have quite a few in the post so i am excited for it to grow.

Update On Nails...

Ive been into the really rounded nails, almost claw like but not extreme as the stiletto nails. 

Products used: Natural collection in white, Collection 2000 in button moon, Barry m in blueberry and cyan blue, Revlon in midnight affair

 Products Used: Barry m in mint green and nail effect 314

These were for the All American Classic Car show, Such a fun weekend and i had loads of compliments on my nails as well
Products Used: Natural Collection In white, Barry m In cyan Blue, An Revlon In Hot Tamale 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

So i have been downloaded an app on the iphone called Photo Collage, and this helps me show my nails and products i use a lot better!!

as you can tell ive been into the glitter ! i always think you need a little glitter on your nails <3

Monday, 12 March 2012

3D Roses...

I have been trying to master the art of 3D roses, and it is taking me a while, so while i have been practicing i decided to buy a Rose mold. here is just a simple white rose.

with the white roses you cant tell too much, and i wanted some definition to them so i tried to mixed to colours and went a little crazy! as you can see below! 
i love this design so much! its quite out there for a basic nail design but i still love it so much! they don't get in the way either, i've been bowling with them on and everything haha.

Stiletto Nails...

From the moment i saw lady gaga and Rihanna with there stiletto nails i have always wanted to know how they have done it or do it myself, so after a lot of research on how to do it, i went ahead and hand a go myself, i decided just do it as an accent nails like Misha B from x factor last year.

 After seeing how it looked i loved it and went crazy, and did all my nails but just on one hand just incase i couldn't function in university the next day. i found it surprisingly easy but my friends said they look cool but scary as hell!!
PLease Ignore the dryness of my hands i needed to put some cuticle oil on before i had taken the picture, they also look really red for some reason but i assure you it didn't hurt and it wasn't that red in person!

Gradient Nails

I saw a lot of gradient nails on people tutorials on youtube, so i decided to try it out myself

Catch up!

So i've been gone a while, i have still been doing my nails, just been a little too busy to post because its been university interview time! and i had to focus everything on that, anyway lest commence with the nails...
 My friend Abbie, wanted something different on her nails so i've been noticing a trend with celebrities, that instead of having a curved smile line, its a pointed v style. so we used a light blue and a midnight blue to create an overlapping tip, with a strip of silver to separate them, we added a little glitter for sparkle, because a girl can never have too much sparkle on her nails lol.
 Next i wanted to do an overall leopard print on nude nails, i always use the print as an accent nail instead of having all of the nails just a small section, i loved the way they turned out and one of my easy and favourite way to have fun nails.
 Well The Skittle Nails!! Me and my other friend Alex love skittles so she suggested i should do skittle on my nails, i love how they turned out, and it was only just a quick go, over a white french tip thats why you can see it underneath them.
So valentines day came and went and because i am single i wanted to show my nails some love and decided to do an angled cut plaid design with a heart to represent valentines day.