Monday, 12 March 2012

Catch up!

So i've been gone a while, i have still been doing my nails, just been a little too busy to post because its been university interview time! and i had to focus everything on that, anyway lest commence with the nails...
 My friend Abbie, wanted something different on her nails so i've been noticing a trend with celebrities, that instead of having a curved smile line, its a pointed v style. so we used a light blue and a midnight blue to create an overlapping tip, with a strip of silver to separate them, we added a little glitter for sparkle, because a girl can never have too much sparkle on her nails lol.
 Next i wanted to do an overall leopard print on nude nails, i always use the print as an accent nail instead of having all of the nails just a small section, i loved the way they turned out and one of my easy and favourite way to have fun nails.
 Well The Skittle Nails!! Me and my other friend Alex love skittles so she suggested i should do skittle on my nails, i love how they turned out, and it was only just a quick go, over a white french tip thats why you can see it underneath them.
So valentines day came and went and because i am single i wanted to show my nails some love and decided to do an angled cut plaid design with a heart to represent valentines day.

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