Thursday, 22 December 2011

Abbies Nails...

So ive been pretty busy this week doing family and friends nails for christmas or cheer proms,... my friend abbie, wanted something holidays but she loves her animal print so we did silver tips with glitter all over then zebra and leopard print ontop, the silver and glitter respercented the holidays without being too obvious, and she loves them so much which i am happy for

you cant see the glitter that well put in person the glitter catches the light and shines so many different colours its beautiful, and the silver i call it liquid silver because that is what it basically is, that is chine glaze millenium

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Black snowflakes...

i look for most of my inspiration on youtube,.. its the best place to look and it shows you how its done
i love love love this nail design

so this is my go of it !!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2 Christmas Designs on my family

so to get my family into a christmassy spirit i like to do there nails, give them a little girly pamper, my little sister only wanted a hint of christmas and my mom love snowmen so i took in what they liked and these are there nails

Previous Nail Art

I have been doing nail art for the past year now, self taught and using youtube videos, the wonders of youtube!! i pratice on myself, friends and family,.. instead of doing 20+ new posts im going to combined all my previous into 1 post so you can all have a look,... hope you enjoy !! <3

if you want to know how any of them are done post a comment below and i will write a detailed decription or do a post in pictures of how its done!!

Angry Birds...

i ABSOLUTELY love Angry birds and after seeing someone do the red and green i had to try out the rest of them !!

Christmas nails..

Loved the christmas pudding design and rudolph design,.. i have got alot of compliment on this
products used:
-Elf: smokey brown
-natural collection white
-brown striper
-red striper
-green striper

First Blog post!!

i entered a competition, for elf (eyes lips face) for a christmas nail design on the December the 13th, i have just found out that i got chosen for the top 10 designs so happy that i received this email, i only did it for fun and wasn't expecting to even be noticed

this is the design i got to the top 10 with